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We offer a wide selection of APC UPS Battery Backup Systems and Replacement Batteries

All of our batteries on this website and battery backup systems are top of the line professional grade. They are all in stock at this moment, and are ready to be shipped immediately. Every one is backed by a 3 year Performance Warranty, so you know you can trust asAPC Battery!

Popular Batteries

8 Outlet 550VA Battery

Model: BE350R
RBC35 Compatible
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500 Battery

Model: BE350U
RBC2 Compatible
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XS1500 Battery

Model: XS1500
RBC33 Compatible
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Easy UPS Battery Replacement

Whether you need a single UPS Battery for an APC UPS or you need to replace and entire floor of UPS batteries, you have found the right supplier and the right price.

We specialize in complete APC UPS Battery replacement kits and other major manufacturers. All of our batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturers specifications.

Simply visit our APC UPS Battery Finder to locate the exact UPS replacement battery and purchase online.

All of our batteries come with a 3 - Year Warranty insuring you complete satisfaction and peace of mind for your UPS Battery. If you cannot find the correct UPS Battery Replacement, contact us for assistance and we will respond promptly.

No matter what you need in terms of UPS Batteries, we are here to help!

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